Wei of Chocolate- Perfect Gift

I just received a beautiful package. What a wonderful way to start my weekend. It was a package of all organic, vegan dark chocolate, Wei of Chocolate.

This chocolate is special inside and out. It is wrapped in colorful tin foil and it’s  the perfect size, each piece fits perfectly in your mouth.

I am not going to expand on the health benefits of dark chocolate; we all know its good for us. Each piece of these has only 2 grams of carbs and 30 calories.

I got to try each one of their flavors, and each one is unique and a different experience on its own. Wei Beautiful was my favorite since I’m a big chocolate-mint lover. I have always believed that mint and chocolate are a natural together.

This one has a dark richness with a silky- minty -smooth texture. The amount of mint is just right, not overwhelming; it enhances the taste of the dark chocolate. You get a deep chocolate taste and a subtle delicious mint flavor in each one.

Think of Wei as a nice glass of wine, to be savored slowly.

Here is a list of all their different varieties:

Wei Love

Wei Inspired

Wei Joyful

Wei Gratitude

*Wei Beautiful

Wei Relaxed

Wei Peace

Wei Radiant

Wei Pure

They are all mixed with different herbs and flower essences; just wonderful!
Every flavor combination is a winner. If you want to explore all the flavors, I suggest you purchase the “All the Wei Dark Chocolate Assortment”   and try to resist biting into them, just let each one melt in your mouth.

You get the best of everything in Wei of Chocolate: Organic,  Fair trade,  Vegan, GMO-free , Dairy free, Gluten free and Soy free. Allow it to melt in your mouth, savor each piece and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This is a great gift as well. I will definitely be gifting them for Mother’s Day.