Vegan Pesto

Ingredients: 3 cups of fresh organic  basil leaves 3 tbsp crushed garlic  1 cup pine nuts ½ Cup extra virgin olive oil ¼ Cup of nutritional yeast 1 tsp of salt 1 tsp. Pepper   Directions: Place fresh basil leaves and pine nuts into food processor and pulse several times. Add garlic and nutritional yeast and[…]

Skinny Tip #2

Skinny Tip #2 Fast food, gas station “food” and drive-thrus are diet disasters. Pay attention to what you’re eating. Yeah!  Fast food is very cheap and convenient but loaded with fat, sodium and sugar.  So if you want to avoid the extra pounds, heart disease, cancer, and stroke pack your own lunch and snacks- fruit,[…]

What do we eat?

People are always asking us what we eat.  I guess saying you’re vegan makes people think you eat lettuce and apples all day.  A typical day for us might be coffee and  tomato sandwiches for breakfast, some cashews, almonds or peanuts as  a midmorning snack, hummus, tabouili and tomatoes on pita for lunch and rice[…]