Spring Clean your fridge

Spring Clean your fridge and come up with strange delicious meals

So everyone’s talking about spring-cleaning; you’ve probably deep cleaned your bedrooms, closets, living room, even your garage.  Given away some clothes for charity and stored your heavy blankets and coats.  But have you spring-cleaned your fridge? There’s no better place to start spring-cleaning than with your refrigerator. First off, take everything out.  Throw out any[…]

Guacamole Tacos

4 servings (3 tacos per person) Ingredients:  for guacamole:  4 Ripe avocados, peeled, seeded and minced juice of 2 lemons 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground cumin ½ cup chopped red onion 5 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro 2 ripe tomatoes, chopped 2 teaspoons garlic 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper Chopped jalapenos seeded (optional)   for tortillas: […]