Diabetic Vegan Pregnancy

A few days ago I got an email from Flaming Vegan, asking why I haven’t posted lately.  There’s a big reason why I haven’t shared in a while- I just had my baby girl, December 10.

It was a vegan pregnancy and all went well, really well.

Apart from being a vegan pregnancy, I am also a type 1 diabetic.  So let’s call it a diabetic vegan pregnancy.

I have to say that health is the number one wealth.  It has only been ten days and I feel perfectly normal. Actually, I felt pretty normal the morning after Luna was born.  I woke up and was ready for a shower and to come back home.  I want to share my experience with you to convince yourself that it is doable.  Many people might tell you a vegan pregnancy is not healthy for you or your baby, but it is.  My baby is very healthy. Type 1 diabetics usually have a higher incidence of complications and of poor outcomes – not me!

I followed a healthy vegan diet throughout my pregnancy and my blood sugars were really well controlled most of the time. (I wish I could say all of the time, but pregnancy hormones make your blood sugars crazy at times). My baby girl was born naturally at 39 weeks, and weighed 6 Lbs 9 oz.  Most babies of diabetic women are born with higher-than-average weights (fetal macrosomia) due to poor blood sugar control and end up in c-sections.

This was not my case.  I ate healthy vegan meals and exercised almost every single day.  I put on twenty-five pounds and lost them by the third day. I am breastfeeding and feeling great.  Managing type 1 diabetes while pregnant is very difficult, but I really feel that a vegan diet helps. I always had energy throughout the day, so that kept me going.  I never had morning sickness either.  It was really a great time.

So I wanted to encourage anyone who is vegan or diabetic (or both) to keep eating healthy. It really pays off.

Some examples of my meals are bean burritos, lentil soup, tomato sandwiches, black bean soup, miso soup, veggie stir frys, mushroom and onion burgers, Mediterranean dishes like hummus, baba ganoush, tabouili, vegan dolmas, tofu sandwiches, almond or peanutbutter sandwiches, and many many nuts as snacks.

Many people worry about whether a vegan diet can provide all essential nutrients. But like any other diet, careful planning can easily fulfill nutritional needs.

Have you ever had a vegan pregnancy? Share your thoughts, tips, or favorite recipes here. 

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