Tropical Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Ingredients: ½ cup fresh grapefruit juice 1 cup baby spinach 1 large apple, cored and roughly chopped 1 cup green tea 1 cup frozen mango ¼ cup fresh mint leaves ½ tablespoon virgin coconut oil (optional) ice cubes, as needed   Directions: Brew a cup of green tea. Let it cool and transfer […]

Galletas de limón

    Estas son unas sencillas y deliciosas galletas que les encantarán   Ingredientes 2 ½ tazas harina 1 ½ tazas de azúcar 2 cditas de soda para hornear (bicarbonato de soda) 1/4 cdita de sal 4 cdas de ralladura de limón ¾ taza de aceite canola ½   taza de jugo de limón 2 cditas […]

Vegan Pesto

Ingredients: 3 cups of fresh basil leaves 3 cloves of garlic 1 cup pine nuts, walnuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts ½ Cup extra virgin olive oil ¼ Cup of nutritional yeast 1 tsp of salt 1 tsp. Pepper   Directions: Place fresh basil leaves and pine nuts into food processor and pulse several times. Add garlic and […]

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

You may find it hard to believe that such a simple recipe can result in such a delicious, creamy, indulgent treat, but it’s not. This recipe is the real deal. (Unlike some vegan “desserts” I’ve tried in the past). It has no strange ingredients and of course, no eggs or dairy. I was curious to […]

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Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition


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Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition

Certificate Plant Based Nutrition

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Delicious Homemade Vegan Artisan Bread

Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes It’s been a while since I posted last. We ended up going to Honduras for vacation and things have been hectic since. Our trip was great. Our family was a little stressed about our vegan lifestyle, but they all accommodated their menus so that we’d have options. We ate […]

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Yo no podría ser vegano. Que voy a comer?

Es mucho mas fácil de lo que te imaginas:     Desayunos: Tortillas de harina/maíz con frijoles Pan con frijoles […]

Don’t worry be happy

One of my best friends has been suffering from depression and I want to help her. We all have problems; […]

Austerity Month: Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes

For some reason, my husband declared May “Austerity Month”. He said he would eat potatoes for dinner every single day. […]

Spring Clean your fridge and come up with strange delicious meals

So everyone’s talking about spring-cleaning; you’ve probably deep cleaned your bedrooms, closets, living room, even your garage.  Given away some […]

Batido de Zanahoria

Batido de Zanahoria Ingredientes: •  1 zanahoria pequeña, hervida y congelada •  1 banano maduro congelado •  ½ cdita de canela molida •  1 […]

Easy Vegan Pancakes

Ingredients: 1 ¼ cups whole wheat flour 2 packets of stevia extract 2 teaspoons baking powder ½ teaspoon salt 1 ¼ […]